Discipline in your Faith – Part 1

I’ll be writing in English and in Afrikaans… Please understand this, because I have Afrikaans friends who are not very good at English, and English friends who don’t understand Afrikaans…

Ek het vanoggend begin met Richard Foster se boek Celebration of Discipline. David Watson skryf die voorwoord, en sommer van die begin af lyk die boek na iets wat ek graag sal wil goed deur lees. Ek gaan so deur die volgende 3 of 4 weke deur die boek “werk”. Waarom kom jy nie saam met my op ‘n toer deur die boek nie? Lees wat ek skryf, en deel dan met my (hopelik ons) wat jy leer of wil byvoeg.

I started this morning to read Richard Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline. David Watson writes the forward, and from the start it seems like a book that I would like to read well and thoughtful. I will read the book in throughout the next 3 or 4 weeks, “working” through it. Why don’t you come on a tour through the book with me? Read what I write, and share it with me (and hopefully us) wat you learn or would like to add.

In die voorwoord skryf David Watson die volgende [In the foreword, David Watson writes the following words]: “One of the clearest symptoms of this [Westerse Christenskap wat verswak het / Western Christianity became to weak to “compete” with Islam, Marxism and Third World Christianity] is the sad decline in true spirituality among the majority of Western Christians. We have neglected our prayer life; we have stopped listening to God; we have been caught by the covetous spirit of our affluent society, and worshipped the false god of materialism. We have exchanged our knowledge of Theos (God) for heady disputes about theological words, or for religious or social activism. We have forgotten how to be still before God, how to meditate, trapped as we are in the vortex of modern life. We have lost our sense of direction; and, confused and bewildered, we know little of the exuberant joy of celebration enjoyed by God’s people down the centuries, even in tough and depressing situations. There is little to attract the unbeliever in the traditional, organized Church.”

Mense is honger en dors vir God of vir een of ander vorm van geestelikheid, maar die kerk as institusie kan die nie meer bied nie. Daarom draai meer mense na kultusse, oostelike mistiek of okkultiese praktyke in ‘n soeke na basiese geestelikheid, wat nie meer in die westerse Kerk gevind word nie. Nogtans is die ware lig van Christus nog nooit uitgedoof nie.

People have a hunger and a thirst for God or one or another form of spirituality, but the church as institution can’t provide it anymore. Thus people turn to cults, eastern mistism or occult practices, seeking spirituality, which can’t be found in the western church. Still, the true light of Christ will never be darkened.

Watson skryf ook hierdie merkwaardige en waar woorde [Watson also writes this remarkable and true words]: “If we noisy, busy and talkative Christians…” (is ons nie nogal besige Christene nie!?) “…could take some of the disciplines of this book seriously we could undoubtedly become much more effective disciples of Christ.”

As jy “dissipline” lees, wat is jou heel eerste gedagtes?

If you read the word “discipline” what are your first thoughts?

Dink jy dat ons as Christene goed moet doen om nader aan God te kom?

Do you think that we as Christians have to do things to get closer to God?

Dink jy daar is ‘n verskil tussen “goed doen om nader te kom aan God” en “goed doen as werke, sodat jy by God kan uitkom”? Wat is die verskil, volgens jou?

Do you think that there is a difference between “doing things to get closer to God” and “doing things as works, to get to God”? According to you, what are the difference?

In ons gejaagde lewens, dink jy daar is plek vir sekere dissiplines om ons rustig te maak sodat ons kan fokus om God te hoor kommunikeer met ons?

In our hectic and busy lives, do you think there are a place for certain disciplines to make calm us down, so that we can focus on God, to hear Him communicate with us?


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