Books that I have read… / Boeke wat ek al gelees het…

During the holiday, I started to make an inventory of all the books that I have read through the years. The following list includes some of the books that I have read. It is not nearly everyone, but it is a start. As I continue to go through my books, I will be adding the books that I have read.

So, here are a preliminary list of the books that I have read.


Gedurende die vakansie het ek begin om ‘n lys te maak van al die boeke wat ek al gelees het. Die volgende lys sluit boeke in wat ek al gelees het. Dit is nie naastenby almal nie, maar dit is ‘n begin. Soos wat ek deur my boeke gaan, sal ek byvoeg wat ek reeds gelees het.

Dus, hier is ‘n voorlopige lys van boeke wat ek al gelees het.


1. Die Geesteswêreld – Isak Burger

2. Fasting – R.D. Chatham

3. The Father Heart of God – Floyd McClung

4. Wild at heart – John Eldredge

5. Die krag van Intredende gebed – Dutch Sheets

6. Dis ek, Anna – Elbie Lötter

7. The Heavenly man – Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway

8. Where is God when it hurts? – Philip Yancey

9. Spud – John van de Ruit

10. Spud: The Madness continues – John van de Ruit

11. No wonder they call Him the Saviour – Max Lucado

12. Six hours one Friday – Max Lucado

13. And the angels were silent – Max Lucado

14. Hatikvah: Land of Hope – Marzanne Leroux-Van der Boom

15. Totale Vergifnis – RT Kendall

16. Captivating – John & Stasi Eldredge

17. The Divine Romance – Gene Edwards

18. I Kissed Dating Goodbye – Joshua Harris

19. The Prayer of Jabez – Bruce Wilkinson

20. Velvet Elvis – Rob Bell

21. Is that really You, God? – Loren Cunningham

22. Daring to live on the edge – Loren Cunningham

23. Restoring broken things – Steven Curtis Chapman & Scotty Smith

24. Oë soos Elisa – Brandilyn Collins

25. Leading from the lockers – John C. Maxwell

26. It’s not about me – Max Lucado

27. Rumours – Philip Yancey

28. Teen die gety – Bennie Mostert

29. He did this just for you – Max Lucado

30. Geestelike Oorlogvoering – Bennie Mostert

31. I gace dating a chance – Jeramy Clark

32. Beyond the Worship Wars – Thomas G. Long

33. Chat Room Chatter – Justin Lookadoo

34. Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Gene Roddenberry

35. Star Trek The Next Generation #6: Power Hungry – Howard Weinstein

36. Star Trek Voyager #2: The Escape – Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch

37. Star Trek: Mudd’s Enterprise – J.A. Lawrence

38. Star Trek Deep Space Nine #2: The Siege – Peter David

39. Star Trek The Original Series #2: The Entropy Effect – Vonda N. McIntyre

40. In die Stilte van die Storm – Max Lucado

41. Star Trek The Next Generation #1: Ghost Ship – Diane Carey

42. Toets God – Stephan Joubert


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