My Introduction to “Celebration of Discipline”… A New Start…

I am reading through the book by Richard Foster called “Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth (Revised Edition)” (Published by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., in 1989) (First edition published in London in 1990). I am going to use my blog as a type of diary for the lessons I am learning from the book, and at times share my own thoughts on what I am reading. Come and journey with me in this series about the book on disciplines of the faith. I hope it will make sense to you.

A few things before I start.

I know there might be people who disagree with what Richard Foster says about disciplines of faith. If you want to disagree, you are more than welcome to your opinions. Please be respectful of people who might not feel the same as you. That goes for those who agree with what he says as well. If it so happens that there are discussion about what I write, I hope it will be constructive for all who participate in the discussion.

Know this: If I sense that you are “playing the person” and not “playing the ball” (in other words, if you disrespect someone) I will delete your post. If you want to attack someone personally, by all means, start your own blog somewhere else.

Not everyone reading here are familiar with university standard papers. I am not attempting those kinds of papers either. But, because I am using someone elses work, I will give him his due respect, and mention wherever I use parts of his material or even uses his thoughts in indirect ways. I am not selling what I am writing here, but it still isn’t my work. Keep this in mind if you read references regarding the person or the book. I will not make such a big reference every time as I have done in the beginning of this post, though.

I am posting this in English and Afrikaans each time. Feel free to read both, if you understand Afrikaans.


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