Books read in 2011… (September update)

Here are the books that I have read thus far in 2011.

  1. Net soos Jesus – Max Lucado
  2. Wanneer God jou naam fluister – Max Lucado
  3. In die Huis van my Vader – Max Lucado
  4. Where is God when it hurts? – Philip Yancey
  5. Star Trek: Insurrection – J.M. Dillard
  6. Long Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela
  7. Jim & Casper go to Church – Jim Henderson & Matt Casper
  8. Die NG Kerk en Apartheid – Johann Kinghorn e.a. (This book was for an assignment in one of the subjects that I had in the year)
  9. Star Trek Voyager #4: Violations – Susan Wright


As I look at the list, I realize that I am really a slow reader this year. It feels weird to have read only nine books at this stage!


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