My health…

I try to get to the gym often, and I try to eat more healthy.

Until about six months ago, this statement was 100% true for my own life. I never had a super-perfect diet. I did watch what I ate, though. It is that well-known though of eating less calories, and so on. I was in the gym almost every day. I had a relative balanced workout- program.

Somewhere in the last six months, I stopped exercising as faithfully as I used to, and started to eat more “richly”. I started to exercise three days instead of six days of the week. Later I only exercised one day in every two weeks. I defended myself, by saying that I was busy with studies and quiet time (which might also get a post at some stage). I comforted myself with the fact that I at least got exercise during two hockey practices each week. That was only true for a short while, though. I exercised with that team for about two weeks. When I stopped exercising with them (because I was unfit and didn’t have much skill anyway), I didn’t start with regular work in the gym again. I exercised about 2-3 times a month!

I didn’t do that much effort with my diet anymore. As I already said: I never had a super-perfect diet. I did eat certain foods and stayed away from others, though. In some way, the “slacking” in my exercising program transferred to a “slacking” in my diet. I always had the tendency to eat when I was under stress. The last few months was somewhat stressfull in my life. That old habit of eating-under-stress came to the fore in a strong way.

About three weeks ago, I got onto the scale before one of my very few gym-sessions. I almost got the freight of my life when I saw what happened! I weighed about 128 kg! When I started to exercise, I weighed a little over 130 kg!. At the beginning of the year, I weighed less than 115 kg! That meant that I loss 3 kg in about two months, but that I gained 15 kg in less than nine months! I couldn’t believe it! Did I “let myself go” that hugely?

A person doesn’t really know how unhealthy you live, until you are confronted with it so directly.

In the last three weeks, I exercised in some way almost every day. One of those weeks I spent at the sea, and there was daily opportunities to walk for long distances. The other weeks I was in the gym almost daily.

This will become one of the aims of this new format of my blog: to use it to keep myself accountable en to do more daily effort” with my exercising and eating programs. I actually hope that there will be someone who will join me on this attempt to become healthy, who will be inspired to start living healthy as well, and who will keep me accountable with regards to my own exercising and eating programs.

This will probably be a journey for me, and hopefully someone will be inspired to join my journey in some way.

Until next time