My road to a healthier life(style)

I have been trying to write this piece for about the last three weeks. I have been writing a lot before today (14 January 2013). As I read through it again, I realised again how much of it I have to change.

My original idea with this piece, was to talk about one of my newyears’ resolutions: to lose weight, get healthy, and get fit. The basic ideas stays the same, but the words are changing a lot…

So, without you realising it, here I go AGAIN…

I have been trying for very long to weigh about 100kg.

When a person want to lose weight, there are a few basic things that you have to do, like:

  • Exercise!
  • Eat right
  • Well, that is all I can think about, for now…

I have this “amazingly awesome” gym contract at Virgin Active – for about three years already (I will give an exact period of time in a later blog).

I still remember the first year of my exercising. I exercised at least five (5) times per week – and it was serious exercising! I have to say that I got quite fit (although most likely not Comrades-running fit!).

Some time after those twelve months, something happened, though… I became tired of exercising hard and losing “only” two (2) kilograms per month… I didn’t really think that it is a process to loose weight… I also didn’t really eat “super” healthy, in spite of my exercising programme.

I also think I had wrong expectations… I expected that it would always be awesome to gym… I expected that losing weight would come without a better eating plan… I expected that fitness would just come within a year…

During the next year and a half (about 18 months), I exercised rather fluctuatingly… And I ate much less healthy. At least I always stayed within my ideal weight of just under 130kg (after I weighed about 120kg at one stage!).

I exercised about six (6) times per month, to keep my Discovery-coverage “alive” (more about that in a later blog).

It must have been about the second week of December 2013. One day I was confronted with a 134kg on the scale! There and then I realised that I have to get serious about my exercising, and also start to work on a better eating plan… My life depends on it!

Since then, I have been exercising about 5-6 times per week.

I don’t exercise extremely hard. I realised that if I exercise a little every day, I don’t have to exercise super hard on two (2) days per week…

I were also rather unfit at the start of my recent serious exercising program, so I am working slowly but surely to get fit again as well.

It is a process…

One of my new year resolutions is to blog more.

Here is where two of my new year resolutions cross… My resolution to blog more, and my resolution to get healthier.

This year, I am going to write a series of blogs, with the title, “My road to a healthier life”. So, this is the first entry in this new series that I am starting…

My road to a healthier life: Part 1 – The realisation to eat healthy and to exercise

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