My first “developing entry”: Why I am not an “Afrikaner”…

I started a “developing entry” [if this phrase doesn’t exist, I’m creating it now, and since this is my blog, I am allowed to do it], on my Afrikaans blog. You are welcome to read it, by going to this link.


I know it will become a challenging blog. I might start something similar here in the future… But for now, it will remain on my Afrikaans blog only.

Bethel Music: “My soul sings”

Open my eyes to see:

the wonderful mystery of Love.Here is love - Bethel CD

Falling into You,

I’m drawn to the gravity of love.

We’re standing still in a moment of eternity.

Where worlds collide,

and I feel the breath of heaven over me.

My soul sings

My soul sings

My soul sings

How I love You.

Open the page and see:

the wonderful history of Love.

I start and end with You,

I’m pulled by the gravity of Love.

We’re standing still in a moment of eternity.

Where worlds collide,

and I feel the breath of heaven over me.

My soul sings

My soul sings

My soul sings

How I love You.

I heard this song on the CD “Here is Love”, which was recorded by Bethel, at a live event.

It is written by Jonathan Thatcher, Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard. It is copyrighted by Curious? Music UK.

Song of the week… Introduction

I want to try to blog more often.

Something I am seeing on other peoples’ blogs, is that they post the words of songs. Ek enjoy music. So that made me think…

I want to use my blog to post the words of my favourite songs, and in this way share it with others. I hope that, every now and then, something special will happen with others, as what happens to me when I listen to some of these songs.

I’ve heard it say that music can influence a persons’ heart. I experienced this before. So, this is the introduction to a series that touches my heart…

I will try to blog at least one song every week. I will blog this song here, and also on my Afrikaans blogsite. (There I will also blog an Afrikaans song, so you are welcome to have a look there, if you understand Afrikaans.)

I love gospel music, such as by Tree63, Third Day, Louis Brittz, Jesus Culture, Bethel, and so forth… But my taste in music isn’t limited to gospel. So expect non-gospel music at times.

Another aspect of this series, comes from one of my friends. He has had this idea to do sermons about the (possible) deeper meanings of songs. I will be borrowing this idea from him, and sometimes write about what the song means to me.

So, enjoy it…

Towards a healthier lifestyle

I was back in the gym today.

I gym at Virgin Active… (I am allowed to advertise on my own blog…)

Before today, I was in the gym about two weeks ago. In the bigger scheme of things that isn’t such a long time. I haVirgin Activeve been with Virgin Active for more than five years (that is about 60 months, or 260 weeks), after all.

All the branches has that machine that measures your weight, blood pressure, body fat and heart rate. Before I started with my exercising today, I took all my measurements…

According to the machine, I weigh 130.6 kg today. My blood pressure is 143/84 mmhg (whatever that means!), my heart rate is 90 bpm, and I have 33.8% body fat.

I don’t have a clue what any of that means. Also, I don’t really know how to get it better.

I just know that I am focussing on cardio exercises at the moment. I don’t really know what that means, exactly. Apparently it will help me to become more fit… And at the moment I need to get more fit.

I see myself as rather unhealthy. This blog entry is the first of (hopefully) a good and faithful series, in which I want to share my road to a healthier lifestyle (with myself, and also with anyone who want to read it).

One of my inspirations is people… People who look unhealthy. Maybe I could have used a few other words, instead of “unhealthy”. “Over-weight” might be one of those words. “Super-fat” is another one (this is my blog, so I can call that a word). I’m not one who can judge other people’s looks. I would have to judge my own looks if I want to start to judge others’ looks. Somewhere in my unconscious the thought has started to come to my mind that “I don’t want to look like that”… and that thought comes especially when I see those “super-fat” people. It seems uncomfortable!

I feel uncomfortable at times… And I’m not even that unhealthy!

One of my other inspirations is a youtube video that I recently saw. The title of the video is: “One mans 120 pound journey”. Take a look at it.

Throughout this series, I will share more of my inspirations.

For now, I will stop at this point. I hope to blog more faithfully than in the past. But I have this other clear aim: To exercise more faithfully than I did in the past two weeks… and toe exercise more faithfully than what I blogged over the past 12 months!