Song of the week… Introduction

I want to try to blog more often.

Something I am seeing on other peoples’ blogs, is that they post the words of songs. Ek enjoy music. So that made me think…

I want to use my blog to post the words of my favourite songs, and in this way share it with others. I hope that, every now and then, something special will happen with others, as what happens to me when I listen to some of these songs.

I’ve heard it say that music can influence a persons’ heart. I experienced this before. So, this is the introduction to a series that touches my heart…

I will try to blog at least one song every week. I will blog this song here, and also on my Afrikaans blogsite. (There I will also blog an Afrikaans song, so you are welcome to have a look there, if you understand Afrikaans.)

I love gospel music, such as by Tree63, Third Day, Louis Brittz, Jesus Culture, Bethel, and so forth… But my taste in music isn’t limited to gospel. So expect non-gospel music at times.

Another aspect of this series, comes from one of my friends. He has had this idea to do sermons about the (possible) deeper meanings of songs. I will be borrowing this idea from him, and sometimes write about what the song means to me.

So, enjoy it…

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