Books I read in 2019

At the end of 2019 I have read a couple of books.

  1. Rising out of hatred: The awakening of a former white nationalist by Eli Saslow
  2. 02.Eli Saslow - Rising out of hatredTo reign in hell: The exile of Khan Noonien Singh by Greg Cox
  3. Star Trek: The next generation #1: Ghost ship by Diane Carey
  4. Onlogiese liefde [An Afrikaans title; translation: Illogical love] by Dina Joubert
  5. Star Trek: The aliens are coming – An untold story from The Eugenics Wars! by Dayton Ward
  6. Star Trek: Destiny #1 – Gods of night by David Mack
  7. Star Trek: Destiny #2 – Mere mortals by David Mack
02a.Star Trek logo
Star Trek logo

I realise how little I have read thus far. Also, I realise how much I read Star Trek. In I am going to try and read more books of other genres in the new year.

I should also mention that I do read the Bible. I don’t really want to add the books of the Bible to this list. It feels to me that it will lengthen this list artificially. I read the Bible for two reasons: (1) For personal growth in my relationship with God, and (2) for sermon preparations and studies.

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