Unpacking boxes

Blog-a-day-June… Saturday, 2 June
A few years ago, almost three years now, I moved into the house I am currently staying in.
While I know where everything in my house is, I don’t clean it too regularly. I also never unpacked all the boxes I have – mostly boxes with clothes and books.
Over years, I collected a lot of special clothes, like a Rugby World Cup shirt or a Superman shirt or a Manchester United shirt. It would actually be more accurate to say that people gave me these kinds of shirts as presents. I always were more of a mug collector (and some people in my life knows that as well and gave me some mugs from different parts of the world as well).
I have also picked up books at many different places and through different people. Because I have never had a lot of shelves, I pack many of those books in boxes.
Over the last few months, I have started to unpack these boxes.
Because I am also trying to focus on getting my studies done, and also have a life outside my house, I find that it is challenging to keep my house clean and neat while I unpack everything.
Since starting to unpack those boxes, I do not invite people into my home.
I hope that I will have a clean home again soon.