What would you do with R140million?

3 August 2018
I think just about every country has at least one lottery competition.
South Africa as well. And South Africa has a Lotto and a PowerBall competition. I don’t really play PowerBall. I like SportStake (a competition where a person can bet as little as R2 on 13 soccer match results; and I like to follow soccer).
Today the possible PowerBall pay-out is apparently a guaranteed R140million. So I bought myself two tickets. For R10 each. I’m not saying I am going to win anything.
I thought I will ask the question anyway… What would you do with R140million? What would I do with R140million?
I have heard that it is clever to not say anything about winning (or getting) a large amount of money at once.
I will do my best to stay silent about winning the money.
I have, however thought about sharing money like that with some people before. I will for sure give the first R40million to my nearest family members and some of my other near family members and friends. I will, of course, make them promise not to say where they got the money. At least for six months.
I will find a place to deposit the money somewhere where I can get a good interest rate. I am guessing a good interest rate is about 5% per year (it could be more; hopefully not less). At 5% per year, you could get about R215000 per month (if taxes are to be deducted).
If that is true, I could travel the world, work almost anywhere for no salary, and share a lot of money with many people.
I have never really dreamed of living in a R10million mansion. But I might buy that FerrariF40 I always dreamed about. A nice little R2million house won’t be too bad.
I also have a small business. At the moments it is more like a registered hobby. I would like to use that money to help build the business. I also have this dream to build this business into something that can help to other people jobs.
I would also like to use some of the money to travel a little. Firstly, I would like to travel in South Africa. I would also like to travel around the world. I always wanted to see places like New York City, Scotland, Ireland, Barcelona and Egypt. In South Africa, I have seen Table Mountain, but I won’t mind to actually stand on Table Mountain one day. And I would like to travel through Namakwaland when it is the flower season, as well as to go somewhere during snow-season, while it is snowing.
That is about as far as I can think to spend R140million.
If I do not win PowerBall tonight, and you were the winner, what would you do with that money? How will you spend of save it?

Where is our power? Where is Eskom?

1 August 2018

In South Africa, we have a power supplier that struggles to supply power. The name of the company is Eskom

Eskom logo & power lines 5
Eskom logo

Yesterday Eskom started load shedding again.
Load shedding is all about switching some parts of a cities’ or towns’ off so that power is saved. People are basically forced to save power. Sounds a little crazy, right? In South Africa, we are so used to this, that we don’t find it strange at all any more. It is become a “normal” part of our lives.
The schedule is usually for three hours at a time. At least in the area where I live.
BUT. In the area I live in, we do not only suffer power outages during load shedding times. We lose power for more or less any reason. Sometimes when the wind blows hard or five drops of rain fall, we have a power outage. When this happens, we can be without power for at least 3-4 hours at a time. We have these power outages at least two times in a month. Our municipality also seems unable to fix whatever causes these ouOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtages.
This is day one of my “one post a day” experiment. I did not really want to moan about something on my first post. Unfortunately it had to start this way. I hope I will not be complaining about some kind of lack of service provision for the rest of this month.

Blog a day in August

31 July 2018
I tried this before. In fact, I tried to do this just two months ago. I wanted to write one blog post every day, and publish these posts as soon as possible.
August is my favourite month of the year. I will write about the reason for that soon. That is why I am going to try to write one blog post every day for a month. Again.
I can write a post every day. I will be writing about any kind of topic that I think of. Sometimes I read a meme and it triggers an idea. I hope that happens throughout this coming month. Sometimes I hear a song and it triggers an idea, or I see a news story, and that triggers an idea to write about. I don’t have fixed topic I write about, although I do have some pet loves that I write about more than others. Those readers who have been following me for a while – if there are any – would have notices a long time ago that I do not have a fixed topic that I write about. I am all over the place when it comes to topics, really.
I do not, however, have reliable and available wifi spots. I use these, because my only alternative is mobile data, and that is to expensive. So I can’t publish my posts every day.
In any case. Join me on this ride of daily writing. Please follow me, comment on my posts, and share it if you want to and/or if you enjoy the writing.

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Extremely cold!

Blog-a-day-June… Sonday, 3 June
I think it was the coldest morning today thus far this year.
Every year, during the July/winter holidays, I go to a small Mpumalanga town called Kinross for an outreach. There it is cold almost 100% of the year. At least, it feels that way to me. I am from Rustenburg, where it is almost always warm or hot!
This morning, I compared the cold in Rustenburg to a “cool” April day in Kinross.
The outreach only starts in 3 weeks. I am afraid of the cold that is waiting for me if I am this cold already!


Friday, 1 June
“I want to blog every day.” These are words I recently read on one of those “advertising pages” on Facebook where people share their blog posts and blog sites.
I also know it is something similar to what I say when I start to write again after a long absence from blogging. And normally those kinds of resolutions last for about two weeks, at most, before dying down again.
I don’t know how long it will last this time.
I want to try to write a post every day for the next 30 days. I want to call it my own “Blog-a-day-June”.
I already know what will happen. I will not post every day. I live on a small holding outside Rustenburg. I do not have wifi at home. I also do not get to connect to a wifi spot every day. So I will post the posts I write, maybe 3 on one day at some stages.
I know what else will happen. I don’t know if I will be able to write some awesome and new content on every day. So some posts might be a reflection on some news or sport story that happens, or I might write a post about a song I like (maybe even the words only).
But I am going to at least write one post every day… And post most of them onto my blogsites.


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Wat irriteer jou?

Iewers het ek raakgelees: “Wat irriteer jou?”

Ek wil die vraag vir jou vra… Wat irriteer jou?


Ek antwoord sommer gou my eie vraag…


         Wat my deesdae irriteer, is mense wat aan die linkerkant by my verby ry, terwyl daar nie ‘n baan is vir verkeer nie. Gewoonlik is dit spitverkeer. En daar is reeds ‘n lang ry karre wat wag vir die verkeerslig of stopstraat. Almal wag hulle beurt af. Dan sal iemand verby jou jag aan die linkerkant, baiekeer ‘n klomp stof ry, en dan daar voor gaan indruk, om ook oor die straat te kom. Gevolglik moet ek nog langer wag. Sy verskoning is waarskynlik heel geldig… Hy kan nie laat kom vir sy volgende afspraak nie. Wel, eintlik ‘n swakkerige verskoning, want meeste in die lang ry karre wat wel hulle beurt afwag, is waarskynlik ook oppad na ‘n afspraak.


         Nog iets wat my irriteer: Mense wat al swat gebeur in SA blameer op rassisme, regstellende aksie, ens… (Dalk veralgemeen ek baie erg daarmee, maar na verlede Sondag se Rapport, is dit hoe ek die afgelope ruk voel.)


         As ek mense sien en dit lyk of hulle my ken OF hulle lyk bekend, maar ek kan nie onthou vanwaar af ek hulle ken nie. Ek weet nooit of ek so iemand moet groet of nie moet groet nie. (Dis dalk nie regtig ‘n irritasie nie)


         Ek loop iemand raak wat ek ken, en ek weet daardie persoon ken my (hy’t my Sondag in die kerk gegroet!). Hy kyk my direk in die oë, en loop dan verder asof ek deurskynend is. En dit irriteer my nog méér as ek gegroet het en hy groet nie terug nie. (En as daardie persoon my dan Sondag vra waarom ek hom nie groet in die Mall nie, wel….)


         Anglisismes… Engelse woorde wat direk in Afrikaans gesê word, terwyl daar klaar twee moontlike Afrikaanse woorde daarvoor bestaan. Mens hoor die goed nogal baie van kansels af (weet, die predikante gebruik dit), en mense wat werk vir ATKV van alle plekke! En op RSG… luister bietjie.


So, wat irriteer jou?

Oor “The Shack” / About “The Shack”

Ek is op die oomblik besig met die boek The Shack, geskryf deur William P. Young.

Ek gaan nie eers probeer om nou al te veel van die boek te se nie. Ek sit voor die TV en kyk sokker (Engeland vs. Duitsland), so ek konsentreer glad nie nou op boeke oordink nie.

Ek kan wel se dat ek deur die dag tot aan die einde van hoofstuk 4 gelees het. Tot aan die einde van hoofstuk 3 was die boek bitter stadig. (Weet nie of iemand verstaan wat ek bedoel nie?) Maar skielik in hoofstuk 4 kry dit toe rigting!


Het jy al ‘n boek gelees wat so boring begin dat jy dit net wil terugsit in jou boekrak (of in ‘n boks sit met al jou “opgaarboeke”), om net skielik so aangegryp te word deur twee bladsye van die boek, dat jy sommer dadelik besluit die boek word nou anders beoordeel (en verder gelees!)?

Watter boek was dit, en wat het jou opinie verander? Is jy bly jy het aangehou, of is jou oorspronklike gedagtes oor die boek bevestig?



I am currently busy with the book The Shack, written by William P. Young. I’m not even going to try too say to much about the book now. I’m sitting in front of the TV and am watching soccer (England vs. Germany), so I’m not concentrating at all on thinking about books.

I can say, though, that I read up onto the end of chapter 4. Till the end of chapter 3, the book was very slow. (I don’t know if someone might understand?) Suddenly, in chapter 4, it’s as thought the book came to life!


Have you ever read a book which was so boring at the beginning that you wanted to put it back on your shelf (or put it in a box with all the other “scrap”), to suddenly be surprised by the interesting few pages of a chapter, that you immediately decide to give the book another chance?

Which book was it, and what made you change your opinion? Are you glad you kept reading, or were your original thoughts on the book confirmed?