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The last three months or so I have had a struggle with my internet service provider, MTN. Last year, I took out a contract with them, that were worth R289, for uncapped internet (3Gig would be at a fast speed, then it would slow down).

Since I am back in Rustenburg, I have found that I can only find connection outside of buildings (IF I’m lucky!).

Last month, I was standing in a MTN shop, and I got frustrated with the slow service in the shop, so I tweeted it… And someone reacted to the tweet (I don’t think I should mention the persons name). I can say that it was from the “MTNSP – Innovation Centre).
This person told me to fill out a form and send it to him. So I did. In the form, I told him about the bad reception I was getting in shops/restaurants. I mentioned that we have virtually no reception on the plot, but that was not the problem I was reporting… His reaction was that he would report it to the reception department, and that I could expect to get a signal booster.
That was more or less on the 22nd of February.

On the 3rd of March I sent him the coordinates of where we live, and he said he would give it through to the reception department… They called me on the 4th, and got the coordinates from me again. They promised that someone would call me to make an appointment to install the booster.

I waited… Until the 12th. So I called 1555. And told them to give the message to the reception department that I’m still waiting for a call back. I phoned them, because it was after hours for 0839001212.
The 14th, around 9:00, I had to call and ask why I’m still waiting for a call-back. (In the meantime, it also appeared that my tweets were being ignored – I sent at least 2 tweets per day for the last week or so…). The operator told me that I was supposed to have received a form to fill out to request the booster. It wasn’t sent to me though, but to the first guy who promised to send my request to the reception department. She told me that my query would be escalated, and that someone would call me (with no time period).
In the afternoon, I called again. I was told that my query was only escalated that morning, after whoever would have called me were out of office. I told the person that I expected a call from them in the morning.

Today (15th) I called them again, about 9:00. Again I was promised a call, at least by the afternoon. About 13:00 I called again, just to hear that my request has been sent, and that someone would call me very soon, today even!

I’m still waiting…

Thats MTN’s service, I guess.

Frustration with internet…

The last few weeks, I have been struggling with my internet…

I use MTN as my internet provider. Everywhere I work, it seems as though it is a “MTN deadzone”… I work in the back of a stationary shop, and there I have almost no internet.

Sometimes I work in Dros or Mugg and Bean… It also seems as though there are virtually no internet reception in these two shops.

Coincidentally, all these places are withing 400m from a MTN shop (one at the Rustenburg Square, and one in the Waterfall Mall). When I take my modem to a shop attendant, they test it, and it works fine. I suspect that they think I am a liar!