Mugg & Bean Rustenburg

Blog-a-day-June… Tuesday, 12 June
I was back at Mugg & Bean today. The one in Rustenburg.
And I was extremely happy! I was able to use their wi-fi. Without issues. I hope this is a trend that will continue!

Mugg & Bean

Blog-a-day-June… Thursday, 7 June
I went back to campus, in the hope that I can do some more work in the library. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed in. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to be allowed in yesterday either. Because I am not registered a student.
So I went to Mugg & Bean. In Brooklyn Mall. One of my favourite places when I stayed in Pretoria.
And, contrary to Mugg & Bean in Rustenburg, I connected to the wi-fi easily. I could not believe the ease in connecting!
I also returned home in the evening.