My new business

So I have done it. I started a new business. A printing business. I called it FdL Printing.

And I think I started it at possibly the worst time ever. On every single talk show about money or (small) business, people talk about how financially tough the world has gotten. How extremely tough it is to start a new business. And I did it to myself.

So, here I am, with a new “baby”. I don’t have the faintest of ideas how to build it further.

I know to advertise it. I post regularly on Facebook – both my personal profile and my business’ page.At this stage, I only do printings on mugs. I am also doing business cards, even though that is not my main focus. I am also available to do photoshoots.

So, if you have any questions, visit my Facebook page. I will also start building the blog page soon. Email, or phone me (that is Freddie) at 0715427026.

Please note that I operate from Rustenburg, North West province, South Africa.


Making a new start… and starting a new blog…

I started blogging a few years ago. I started this blogging thing, “because everyone was doing it”. It also sounded like a nice and fun way to share thoughts and feelings and what I have learned with people.

Sometimes I blogged in Afrikaanse and translated the same post in English. Other times I blogged in English and translated it in Afrikaans. When I look back, I realize that it must look very congested and full. I started a new blog, in Afrikaanse. In this new blog, I will be posting what I want to post in Afrikaans. I will still translate posts, but I will post it on two different blogs from now on.

I hope that this new way of blogging will help me to “blog better” and more regularly as well.

Let’s see how it goes…

While I am writing about new blogs. I also started this new blog, where I will place some of my favourite photos/pictures every now and then. I hope you like it as I alsoe like it.

Come and have a coffee with me.