A Photo a day

One of my new year resolutions is to take more photo’s.

A few months I started a photograph-blog… As part of this new year resolution, I want to post an average of one photo per day…

It might be a photo that I took myself (most of the times that will be the case), or it might be a photo someone else took and which I liked a lot. If it is someone else’s photo, I will always do my best to give credit to that person (or at least mention where I found it).

The only requirement is that it has to be photo’s that I took this year, or that it is a photo that I saw this year…


Making a new start… and starting a new blog…

I started blogging a few years ago. I started this blogging thing, “because everyone was doing it”. It also sounded like a nice and fun way to share thoughts and feelings and what I have learned with people.

Sometimes I blogged in Afrikaanse and translated the same post in English. Other times I blogged in English and translated it in Afrikaans. When I look back, I realize that it must look very congested and full. I started a new blog, in Afrikaanse. In this new blog, I will be posting what I want to post in Afrikaans. I will still translate posts, but I will post it on two different blogs from now on.

I hope that this new way of blogging will help me to “blog better” and more regularly as well.

Let’s see how it goes…

While I am writing about new blogs. I also started this new blog, where I will place some of my favourite photos/pictures every now and then. I hope you like it as I alsoe like it.

Come and have a coffee with me.