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A small amount of sin

This one time a sone went to his father and asked if he could watch a movie. His father wanted to know why he asked for permission. The son said, “Well, it has parental guidance for up to 12. And I am 10 and because I want to respect you, I’m asking. But it only has a few swear words and a very small sex scene. Nothing to suggestive.” Of course the father said no way.

The son was so angry at this and just walked away.

Later, the father called him for some muffins, which the father baked for the house. He was about to eat, when the father said, “Let me just tell you about this muffin. Before I put it in the oven, I took some dog poop and mixed it into the dough. But it really is a very small amount. You’ll barely notice it.” The son immediatly didn’t want to eat it.

The father asked, “What’s wrong? It’s not THAT much.” But the son said, “Well, it’s enough to taste bad.”

And that is what it is like to allow small sins.

CHALLANGE: Think about the things you’re doning that youknow is wrong. Start deciding not to do it. I found that it feels so much better to stop doing wrong things.