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Are your words and deads the same?

Someone once took the bus from his work to his home (because his car was in for a service).

He paid the fair ($3) with a $10 note. The driver gave him $9 change. A mistake which might be easy to make.

As he sat down, the passanger started to debate with himself whether he should giv back the money. After all, $2 isn’t that much. And maybe it is God’s way of providing $2 exstra for food.

In the end, as he got up, he gave the $2 back to the man, saying “Yougave me to much change.” The driver answered, “I know. I moved into the neighbourhood of your church recently, and wanted to see if I will go to your church or not.”

What does your life look like? Can people trust you? Do you say one thing and live up to that? Or does your life look different to what you believe, or say you believe?