30 minutes with a famous person

7 August 2018
Name a famous person you would want to have a 30-minute conversation with. Dead or alive.
This is a more difficult question than I thought when I first heard it.
The thing is: I have a long list of famous people I would like to have a conversation with. Many of them I know I would like to chat much longer than just 30 minutes with. People like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, Retief Burger, Louis Brittz, Riana Nel, Michael W. Smith, Emma Watson, Kristen Kreuk and Denzel Washington (and this is not really the whole list).
I think a famous person I would love to have a conversation with, which will hopefully not be more than 30 minutes, is someone like Stephen Grootes. (If the conversation is longer than 30 minutes, it will only mean that I have to look for someone else with whom I can have a 30 minute conversation with.)
I am a rather huge fan of Stephen Grootes. He was at Talk Radio 702 for a very long time. He used to be a reporter, then became the host of the one-hour long Midday Report, and finally became a host of two three-hour long programs (first the morning drive show host and later the afternoon drive show host). He is now at one of the SABC stations, SAfm. He has a way of reporting on political stories that always sounds fair and balanced. He is one of the main reasons I like to follow our local politics. I once thought that if I could be so lucky to get onto radio or write political stories, it would be because of his inspiration. And it sounds like the guy also enjoy a good coffee.
There are other media personalities that I could also include in this list. People like Redi Thlabi, Adriaan Basson, Piet Croucamp (commentator, not reporter), Jan-Jan Joubert, Tim du Plessis, and so on.
Who would you want to have a 30-minute conversation with? He or she has to be famous. He or she may be dead or alive.

Fake and real coffee

6 August 2018
Yesterday I wrote about my favourite TV shows.
I have always been fascinated about characters in TV shows and even movies who drinks coffee.
Have you ever noticed that a character with a mug of coffee almost never take a real sip of coffee? Something else I never see, is steam coming from a mug of coffee, even if the person pours coffee from a fresh pot of coffee. Many characters from TV shows and movies drink coffee from take-away cups, usually with a lid on. Have you noticed how people carry these cups. Sometimes they carry it so careless, that you have to know that there is nothing inside; the coffee has to pour out the way it is carried by some characters.
Anyway, all this thinking and writing about coffee made me think about the coffee I drink.
I have three main coffees at my home. All three are instant coffee: Jacobs Krönung, Douwe Egberts Espresso Style and Douwe Egberts Mocha Kenya Style. These are the closest to “real” coffee in the instant coffee market, in my opinion.
What is “real” coffee? Coffee that needs some machine to bring out the real and true taste and smell of coffee. Bean coffee and ground coffee.
In my current collection of “real” coffee, I have strong roast espresso coffee beans, English Toffee flavour ground coffee, Estrela blend 100% Arabica coffee beans, Rwanda single origin ground coffee (which smells rather mild), Importers (a South African company) Mocha Java dark medium roast coffee beans, Importers Italian dark coffee beans, Baruch’s (another South African company) coffee beans that smells mild as well, Baruch’s Mocca Java coffee beans, BeanThere Fair trade coffee (also a South African company) creamy caramel flavour Tanzania beans, three more single original blends from a company that I can’t see on the packets (from Ethiopia, Brazil and Columbia), and a Starbucks medium roast ground coffee packet.
I have this smallish machine, that makes about 4 mugs of coffee in one blend. I usually use 2 table spoons of ground coffee to make my coffee, and then it will last the whole day, if I do not work at home that day.
I also like coffee at some restaurants. The big issue with coffee at restaurants is this: it is usually too strong, almost as though it was burnt. That is why, at restaurants, I sometimes have to drink sugar in my coffee. The only other coffee to which I add sugar, is those cheap types of coffee that you get in the large tins. Coffee is really to make the coffee bearable to drink. And Espresso, Mocca Java, and all the other sub-flavours I mentioned above, are good enough not to need sugar as well.
Of all the coffee I have drunk in restaurants, the two best place to get coffee, is Starbucks and Seattle Coffee Co. in South Africa. One day, when I travel the world, I would love to visit at least a Starbucks somewhere in the world.
What coffee do you drink? Where do you prefer to buy your coffee-on-the-go or sitdown-coffee? How much coffee do you drink?
Enjoy your coffee!!

Watching the final… In a restaurant

4 August 2018
I spent the morning in Mugg & Bean . I don’t have internet or DSTV Premium at home.
To watch rugby live in South Africa, even big matches, you either have to go to the stadium (if the match takes place in South Africa), or have DSTV Premium .
DSTV Premium is a rather expensive package to receive television channels – including most of the sporting channels. I do not really watch enough sport to make it reasonable to pay that amount, and I don’t really watch enough other television to get DSTV Premium either.
Anyway. Today I wanted to watch the SuperRugby 2018 final between The Lions and The Crusaders teams. It took place in New Zealand, at 9:30. At Mugg & Bean there is a TV that shows sport, and there are a nice wi-fi connection so I can connect to internet.
I am glad I had a distraction from the rugby, in the end. I am actually a Sharks fan. I support the Lions because I know a lot of people who support them, and because they actually play good rugby – and only when they do not play against the Sharks. Today’s result was a little bit of a well-predicted result. Not many people gave them a reasonable chance of winning. The Crusaders are, after all, a team that has an almost 100% winning record this year. At least, I can’t actually remember them losing a match this year (I can’t say that I actually follow rugby enough to be sure of those kind of statistics). So when they were 14 points behind at half time, I new I would be focused on doing anything on internet more than watching the match.
Unfortunately, the Lions lost. 37-18. It is sad. I expected and hope for a much closer match. But now, the SuperRugby2018 season is finished, and everyone everywhere will start talking about Springboks and New Zealand and Australia again.
Did you watch the rugby? What did you think of the match?

What would you do with R140million?

3 August 2018
I think just about every country has at least one lottery competition.
South Africa as well. And South Africa has a Lotto and a PowerBall competition. I don’t really play PowerBall. I like SportStake (a competition where a person can bet as little as R2 on 13 soccer match results; and I like to follow soccer).
Today the possible PowerBall pay-out is apparently a guaranteed R140million. So I bought myself two tickets. For R10 each. I’m not saying I am going to win anything.
I thought I will ask the question anyway… What would you do with R140million? What would I do with R140million?
I have heard that it is clever to not say anything about winning (or getting) a large amount of money at once.
I will do my best to stay silent about winning the money.
I have, however thought about sharing money like that with some people before. I will for sure give the first R40million to my nearest family members and some of my other near family members and friends. I will, of course, make them promise not to say where they got the money. At least for six months.
I will find a place to deposit the money somewhere where I can get a good interest rate. I am guessing a good interest rate is about 5% per year (it could be more; hopefully not less). At 5% per year, you could get about R215000 per month (if taxes are to be deducted).
If that is true, I could travel the world, work almost anywhere for no salary, and share a lot of money with many people.
I have never really dreamed of living in a R10million mansion. But I might buy that FerrariF40 I always dreamed about. A nice little R2million house won’t be too bad.
I also have a small business. At the moments it is more like a registered hobby. I would like to use that money to help build the business. I also have this dream to build this business into something that can help to other people jobs.
I would also like to use some of the money to travel a little. Firstly, I would like to travel in South Africa. I would also like to travel around the world. I always wanted to see places like New York City, Scotland, Ireland, Barcelona and Egypt. In South Africa, I have seen Table Mountain, but I won’t mind to actually stand on Table Mountain one day. And I would like to travel through Namakwaland when it is the flower season, as well as to go somewhere during snow-season, while it is snowing.
That is about as far as I can think to spend R140million.
If I do not win PowerBall tonight, and you were the winner, what would you do with that money? How will you spend of save it?

Savings idea

Blog-a-day-June… Saturday, 9 June
I had an idea to save some money today.
I do not have a fixed job. I do not get a lot of money from the loose jobs that I do.
Here is my idea: Every time I drink a glass of cold drink (which I normally drink from a bottle or from my Soda Stream), I “pay” myself R5 a glass. When I drink coffee/tea/hot chocolate/something similar, I “pay” myself R3 a mug/cup. From those R5s and R3s, I should be able to save enough money for the next milk, coffee, sugar, cold drink bottles, Soda Stream refills, etc.. Some time in the future I could even save enough money for a new coffee machine or a new fridge.
Well, that is the idea. I will test this idea from today.

Mugg & Bean

Blog-a-day-June… Thursday, 7 June
I went back to campus, in the hope that I can do some more work in the library. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed in. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to be allowed in yesterday either. Because I am not registered a student.
So I went to Mugg & Bean. In Brooklyn Mall. One of my favourite places when I stayed in Pretoria.
And, contrary to Mugg & Bean in Rustenburg, I connected to the wi-fi easily. I could not believe the ease in connecting!
I also returned home in the evening.

Not-registration day

Blog-a-day-June… Tuesday, 5 June
I am still working on my research essay. That is the only part of my studies that needs to be finished.
I am in Pretoria today, tomorrow and Thursday.
Tomorrow I will see my research leader (or whatever he is called), to get ideas and thoughts on how to finish the essay.
Today I had to get registered. After paying R7500 into my student account, I was late to the offices of the personnel with whom I had to find out about the process. So I will be doing that tomorrow as well.
Before going to Albert, who have a bed extra while I visit Pretoria, I went to Wimpy. I sat there, accessing internet to go through my e-mails and other internet-based sites.
I’m now typing from the room in which I will sleep tonight. It is always an honour to stay at Albert. People who say that a true friend are the one you don’t need to hear from daily, but when you seem him/her you can continue conversation as though you saw him/her yesterday, might be right.