Savings idea

Blog-a-day-June… Saturday, 9 June
I had an idea to save some money today.
I do not have a fixed job. I do not get a lot of money from the loose jobs that I do.
Here is my idea: Every time I drink a glass of cold drink (which I normally drink from a bottle or from my Soda Stream), I “pay” myself R5 a glass. When I drink coffee/tea/hot chocolate/something similar, I “pay” myself R3 a mug/cup. From those R5s and R3s, I should be able to save enough money for the next milk, coffee, sugar, cold drink bottles, Soda Stream refills, etc.. Some time in the future I could even save enough money for a new coffee machine or a new fridge.
Well, that is the idea. I will test this idea from today.


Mugg & Bean

Blog-a-day-June… Thursday, 7 June
I went back to campus, in the hope that I can do some more work in the library. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed in. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to be allowed in yesterday either. Because I am not registered a student.
So I went to Mugg & Bean. In Brooklyn Mall. One of my favourite places when I stayed in Pretoria.
And, contrary to Mugg & Bean in Rustenburg, I connected to the wi-fi easily. I could not believe the ease in connecting!
I also returned home in the evening.

Not-registration day

Blog-a-day-June… Tuesday, 5 June
I am still working on my research essay. That is the only part of my studies that needs to be finished.
I am in Pretoria today, tomorrow and Thursday.
Tomorrow I will see my research leader (or whatever he is called), to get ideas and thoughts on how to finish the essay.
Today I had to get registered. After paying R7500 into my student account, I was late to the offices of the personnel with whom I had to find out about the process. So I will be doing that tomorrow as well.
Before going to Albert, who have a bed extra while I visit Pretoria, I went to Wimpy. I sat there, accessing internet to go through my e-mails and other internet-based sites.
I’m now typing from the room in which I will sleep tonight. It is always an honour to stay at Albert. People who say that a true friend are the one you don’t need to hear from daily, but when you seem him/her you can continue conversation as though you saw him/her yesterday, might be right.

PE Monday

Blog-a-day-June… Monday, 4 June
I spent a part of my morning at a school. One of the hockey coaches at one of the schools in the area asked me to be the stand-in PE “teacher” while she writes exams. We play hockey during these periods.
The classes I had, where grade 6, 1, 2 and 3.
I realised one thing once again. I really struggle to work with kids younger than grade 6.

Unpacking boxes

Blog-a-day-June… Saturday, 2 June
A few years ago, almost three years now, I moved into the house I am currently staying in.
While I know where everything in my house is, I don’t clean it too regularly. I also never unpacked all the boxes I have – mostly boxes with clothes and books.
Over years, I collected a lot of special clothes, like a Rugby World Cup shirt or a Superman shirt or a Manchester United shirt. It would actually be more accurate to say that people gave me these kinds of shirts as presents. I always were more of a mug collector (and some people in my life knows that as well and gave me some mugs from different parts of the world as well).
I have also picked up books at many different places and through different people. Because I have never had a lot of shelves, I pack many of those books in boxes.
Over the last few months, I have started to unpack these boxes.
Because I am also trying to focus on getting my studies done, and also have a life outside my house, I find that it is challenging to keep my house clean and neat while I unpack everything.
Since starting to unpack those boxes, I do not invite people into my home.
I hope that I will have a clean home again soon.

New year

It is a new year. 2018.

I have a few items on my to-do list for this year.

For the immediate future, the next two day, I will be posting a few posts which I have been working on over the last week of 2017. I will be posting those very soon.

I also want to finish my research essay by 31 January 2018.

Other items on my to-do list include things like cleaning up my blogs and actually writing a little bit more regularly.