Blog a day in August

31 July 2018
I tried this before. In fact, I tried to do this just two months ago. I wanted to write one blog post every day, and publish these posts as soon as possible.
August is my favourite month of the year. I will write about the reason for that soon. That is why I am going to try to write one blog post every day for a month. Again.
I can write a post every day. I will be writing about any kind of topic that I think of. Sometimes I read a meme and it triggers an idea. I hope that happens throughout this coming month. Sometimes I hear a song and it triggers an idea, or I see a news story, and that triggers an idea to write about. I don’t have fixed topic I write about, although I do have some pet loves that I write about more than others. Those readers who have been following me for a while – if there are any – would have notices a long time ago that I do not have a fixed topic that I write about. I am all over the place when it comes to topics, really.
I do not, however, have reliable and available wifi spots. I use these, because my only alternative is mobile data, and that is to expensive. So I can’t publish my posts every day.
In any case. Join me on this ride of daily writing. Please follow me, comment on my posts, and share it if you want to and/or if you enjoy the writing.

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Friday, 1 June
“I want to blog every day.” These are words I recently read on one of those “advertising pages” on Facebook where people share their blog posts and blog sites.
I also know it is something similar to what I say when I start to write again after a long absence from blogging. And normally those kinds of resolutions last for about two weeks, at most, before dying down again.
I don’t know how long it will last this time.
I want to try to write a post every day for the next 30 days. I want to call it my own “Blog-a-day-June”.
I already know what will happen. I will not post every day. I live on a small holding outside Rustenburg. I do not have wifi at home. I also do not get to connect to a wifi spot every day. So I will post the posts I write, maybe 3 on one day at some stages.
I know what else will happen. I don’t know if I will be able to write some awesome and new content on every day. So some posts might be a reflection on some news or sport story that happens, or I might write a post about a song I like (maybe even the words only).
But I am going to at least write one post every day… And post most of them onto my blogsites.


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Nuwejaarsvoornemens vir 2011…

Die begin van die jaar word gekenmerk deur een ding. Meeste mense doen dit. Nuwejaarsvoornemens. Sekere besluite wat mense neem, oor dinge wat hulle wil begin doen en ander dinge wat hulle wil ophou doen, deur die nuwe jaar. Ek het ook hierdie jaar sekere dinge wat ek my voorneem om te doen.

1.       Ek wil die Here beter ken aan die einde van 2011.

2.       Ek wil graag die Bybel ten minste een keer deurgelees het.

3.       Ek wil baie graag meer gereeld blog! (Dalk selfs my blog(s) begin gebruik as ‘n tipe “lesse geleer dagboek”…)

4.       Ek wil baie graag ‘n mooi kamera kry… (Ek verstaan Nikon is redelik goed?)

5.       Ek wil hierdie jaar leer kitaar speel. Ek moet links leer. Blykbaar is dit makliker, juis omdat ek nooit regs om geleer het nie.

6.       Ek wil meer gereeld in die gym kom!!

7.       Ek sal like om so paar keer te preek hierdie jaar…

8.       Ek wil hierdie jaar weer bou aan vriendskappe wat verlore gegaan het oor die afgelope paar jaar. Dit sluit in: vriendskappe van skooldae, vriendskappe van Diensjaar af, en so aan…

9.       Ek wil ten minste begin planne maak om weer Israel toe te gaan…

10.   Ek wil (uiteindelik!) Nelson Mandela en George Bush se biografieë / outobiografieë lees.

11.   Ek wil weer iewers begin hokkie speel…

12.   Ek wil een 10 km wedloop hardloop, al vat dit my ‘n uur…. (is ‘n uur baie of min vir 10 km?)

13.   Ek wil begin om Joernalistiek te swot.