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2020… Beacons in life

Life is filled with beacons. Times in life when someone stop and think about the past and about the future. Big beacons and small beacons.

Small beacons are things like the turn of the year – new years’ eve and new year itself. Most of the time people will make their new years’ resolutions. All resolutions are made because people think that there are something needed in their lives. So they had to look back over the year or the years that passed, and now they want to do something else in the year ahead.

Every year’s birthday are also a smaller beacon for people to think about life.

Then there are larger beacons.

For some reason, the 16th birthday is a special beacon. Just think about the saying “sweet 16”. The 18th birthday is also an important time. This is the year in which most people write their matric, and thus finish their lives as scholars. Therefore it is a good time to celebrate a transition in life.

Other beacons that are used to think about the past and the future, is 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, and up to 100th birthdays. All of these are, mostly, rather special times in people’s lives. It must be because of the 10 year. There are a lot of things that could have happened over the last 10 years, and it gives one the opportunity to think about everything that can be achieved in the next 10 years.

2020 is such a year for me.

On 14 August 2020, I turn 40 years old. 480 months. 2087 weeks. 14609 days… Apparently it is a large beacon in life. I am going to write a little about the 40 lessons about life that I have learned in my life up to now. I am also busy making a list of my 40 favourite songs. I will be posting those in due times as well.

In 1999 I got involved in a youth ministry in a congregation in Rustenburg. Actually, I only visited the ministry as a member. In December of 1999 I became a (spiritual) leader at a youth activity for the first time. This year, and specifically in December of 2020, I will celebrate my 21st year in youth ministry. I will be writing about lessons I learned about youth ministry. I might even be able to reach 21 lessons!

In 2000 I became a leader and part of the organisational team of the above-mentioned congregations’ youth ministry. I was merely starting out as a leader. In September 2000, our congregation hosted a youth week. I was one of the organisers of that youth week. Strangely enough though, at the time of that youth week, I didn’t even have an actual relationship with the Lord. The Thursday evening of that week, the last evening of the youth week, I did what are commonly known in Christian circles: I gave my heart to God. It wasn’t a very common thing in the denomination in which I was involved. I didn’t know what should happen next. There were no follow-up program, so I knew nothing about “spiritual growth”, and what to do to grow spiritually.

In 2002 I did Service Year. I always tell people that September 2000 was my “first conversion”. In 2002 I had my second conversion. In this year I actually learned about spiritual growth, and that there are things I can and must do to become more aware of the presence of the Lord in my life.

2020 is 20 years since my “first conversion” and 18 years since mt “second conversion”. I am going to try to write doen some lessons with regards to the spiritual life and/or Christianity that I have learned.

In 2020 I would have participated in my 18th youth week in Kinross. That means that I have known the people from Kinross, Evander and Secunda for 18 years already. I have also known my best friend, Werner Marx, since 2002, and thus for 18 years now.

Up till now I am seeing a few important time periods: 40, 18, 20 and 21. Everything are rather important beacons.

The final beacon I am going to write about, are a much shorter time. My legitimation-date was 8 November 2018. November 2020 will be 2 years. 27 November 2020 will be 750 days since my legitimation. I am making this a beacon in my life. I hope that I will have a job as a pastor in a congregation by this date.

This year, 2020, I’ve had more time than I ever thought I would have had to think about the future. This year, 2020, will be the year that I think about my life.

There is a song that says, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” I must confess, before I am going to post about my time of thinking about my life: “It’s my blogsite, and I’ll write what I want.”

Youth day 2020 in South Africa

16 June in South Africa is Youth Day. It is the day on which the Soweto youth uprising of 16 June 1976 are commemorated.

Protests in African schools (non-white schools) already started in 1974. It started after Afrikaans and English were announced to be the compulsory languages of instruction. Think about that. Today, there are Afrikaans organisations that can’t handle it when schools and universities choose English as primary mediums for instruction. In the 1970’s, children whose mother languages where Tswana, Zulu, Xhosa, and so forth, where basically forced to be instructed in Afrikaans and English.

On 16 June 1976, between 3000 and 10000 scholars marched peacefully to demonstrate and protest against the government’s language policy. The march was meant to culminate at a rally at Orlando Stadium. On the way their, they were met by heavily armed police, who fired teargas and later live ammunition on the demonstrating scholars. 176 scholars were believed to have been killed, with some estimating up to 700 killed. About 4000 were injured.

This is why we keep Youth Day.

The uprising began in Soweto, but spread throughout the country fast, and it lasted until the next year. The aftermath of the events had rather big consequences on the Apartheid government. Images of police firing on peacefully protesting scholars let to an international revulsion against South Africa, as its brutality was exposed.

Books I read in 2019

At the end of 2019 I have read a couple of books.

  1. Rising out of hatred: The awakening of a former white nationalist by Eli Saslow
  2. 02.Eli Saslow - Rising out of hatredTo reign in hell: The exile of Khan Noonien Singh by Greg Cox
  3. Star Trek: The next generation #1: Ghost ship by Diane Carey
  4. Onlogiese liefde [An Afrikaans title; translation: Illogical love] by Dina Joubert
  5. Star Trek: The aliens are coming – An untold story from The Eugenics Wars! by Dayton Ward
  6. Star Trek: Destiny #1 – Gods of night by David Mack
  7. Star Trek: Destiny #2 – Mere mortals by David Mack
02a.Star Trek logo
Star Trek logo

I realise how little I have read thus far. Also, I realise how much I read Star Trek. In I am going to try and read more books of other genres in the new year.

I should also mention that I do read the Bible. I don’t really want to add the books of the Bible to this list. It feels to me that it will lengthen this list artificially. I read the Bible for two reasons: (1) For personal growth in my relationship with God, and (2) for sermon preparations and studies.

My reading-list for 2020 (and onward)

I went to the list that I published last year about the books I want to read and decided to make a new list instead of updating it. Since many of the books on this list is Afrikaans, I will add a translation in block-brackets after each Afrikaans title (or at least a rough translation of the title).

A. Being Christian

  1. Kry styl – Jesus s’n [Get style – Jesus’s style] by Stephan Joubert
  2. Ek wil nie die kaarte hê nie: hoe om te oorleef sonder om te verstaan [I don’t want the cards: how to survive without understanding] by Roelf Opperman
  3. The way of the warrior by Erwin Raphael McManus
  4. Celebration of discipline by Richard Foster
  5. Omdraai wegdraai: Koffiegesprekke oor geloof en geloofsvorming [Turning around, turning away: Coffee-chats about believing and formation of believings] by Willem Pretorius
  6. Om (op)nuut te glo: Wees weer verwondered oor God [To believe (a-new): Be amazed by God again] by Ockert Meyer
  7. The Barbarian Way by Erwin Raphael McManus
  8. Where is God when it hurts? by Philip Yancey
  9. Ek kies steeds die kerk: Stories, stryd en standpunte oor die kerk en die wêreld [I still choose the church: Stories, contest/conflict and viewpoints about the church and the world] by Neels Jackson
  10. Op soek na Jesus: ‘n Verslaggewer se verrassende perspektief op die lewe van Jesus [Looking for Jesus: A journalist’s surprising perspective on the life of Jesus] by Neels Jackson
  11. Faith to faith by Dan Scott
  12. Verstaan die gawes van die Gees [Understanding the gifts of the Spirit] by Henry & Mel Blackaby
  13. Adventures in saying yes by Carl Medearis
  14. Love wins by Rob Bell
  15. The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson
  16. The renewed mind: A unique guide to becoming the kind of person you really want to be by Larry Christenson

B. Being Church

  1. Vaste Rots op wie ek bou [Fixed Rock on whom I build] by Cas Vos & Dirk Human (editors) – This is a book filled with articles, which I broke down to be smaller “books”.
  2. No joke: A Rabbi, an Imam and a Preacher do the unthinkable… and become friends for life by Jim Henderson and Cara Highsmith
  3. Everything must change by Brian D. McLaren
  4. Jim & Casper go to church by Jim Henderson & Matt Casper
  5. Soul survivor by Philip Yancey
  6. Deep & wide by Andy Stanley
  7. Die dinamika van ‘n Christelike geloofsgemeenskap [The dinamics of a Christian community] by Coenie Burger
  8. Jesus, save me from your followers by Dave Gilpin
  9. Ek behoort aan die kerk [I belong to the church] by Thom S. Rainer
  10. Speaking Christian by Marcus J. Borg
  11. Building a church of small groups by Bill Donahue & Russ Robinson
  12. Leading the congregation: Caring for yourself while serving the people by Norman Shawchuck & Roger Heuser

C. Youth ministry

  1. Purpose Driven youth ministry deur Doug Fields
  2. Doktor Andries Gous praat met die jeug [Doctor Andries Gous speaks to the youth] by Andries Gous
  3. Sustainable youth ministry by Mark DeVries
  4. A new kind of youth ministry by Chris Folmsbee
  5. Your first two years in youth ministry: A personal and practical guide to starting right by Doug Fields
  6. Belydenis van geloof Gespreksgids: Verrassende veelkleurige fasette van die geloof – Bely en lewe [Confessions of faith Studybook: Surprisingly colourful facets of the faith – Confess and live] by Johannes Mouton

D. Relationships

  1. Life changing relationships by James T. Meeks
  2. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

E. Prayer

  1. Prayer partners by Elmer L. Towns
  2. Prayer by Philip Yancey
  3. Prayer by Richard Foster
  4. Knowing God through fasting by Elmer L. Towns

F. Star Trek

  1. Star Trek: Destiny #3 – Lost souls by David Mack
  2. Star Trek: Destiny #4 – A singular destiny by Keith R.A. DeCandido
  3. Star Trek: The original series – Bantam Book Episode adaptations: Star Trek 1 – Dagger of the mind by James Blish
  4. Star Trek: The next generation #002 – The peacekeepers by Gene DeWeese
  5. Star Trek: The original series – Bantam Book Episode adaptations: Star Trek 1 – The unreal McCoy by James Blish
  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #002 – The siege by Peter David
  7. Star Trek: The original series – Bantam Book Episode adaptations: Star Trek 1 – The naked time by James Blish
  8. Star Trek: Voyager #003 – Ragnarok by Nathan Archer
  9. Star Trek: The original series – Bantam Book Episode adaptations: Star Trek 1 – Miri by James Blish
  10. Star Trek: Enterprise – By the book by Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  11. Star Trek: The original series – Bantam Book Episode adaptations: Star Trek 1 – The conscience of the king by James Blish
  12. Star Trek: Discovery – Drastic measures by Dayton Ward
  13. Star Trek: Short stories – Sparrow Books short stories #4 – The secret empire by William Rotsler
  14. Star Trek: New Frontier #02 – Into the void by Peter David
  15. Star Trek: Short stories – Sparrow Books short stories #5 – Intelligence test by William Rotsler
  16. Star Trek: Stargazer – Gauntlet by Michael Jan Friedman
  17. Star Trek: Short stories – Sparrow Books short stories #6 – To wherever by William Rotsler
  18. Star Trek: The original series – Bantam Books Episode adaptations: Star Trek 2 – Space seed by Carey Wilber
  19. Star Trek: Movies – The wrath of Khan by Vonda N. McIntyre
  20. Star Trek: The Original Series #084 – Assignment: Eternity by Greg Cox

G. Homosexuality

  1. Homoseksualiteit en sewe klassieke Bybeltekste: Antigay of misverstaan? [Homosexuality and seven classical Bible texts: Antigay or misunderstand?] by Ernest van Eck & Ralph Barnard
  2. Riglyne vir ‘n verantwoordelike Nuwe Testamentiese verstaan in die homoseksualiteitsdebat, Deel 1: ‘n Komplekse saak [Guidelines for a responsible New Testament understanding in the homosexuality-debate, Part 1: A complex case] by Gert J. Steyn
  3. Riglyne vir ‘n verantwoordelike Nuwe Testamentiese verstaan in die homoseksualiteitsdebat, Deel 2: Nuwe Testamentiese tekste [Guidelines for a responsible New Testament understanding in the homosexuality-debate, Part 2: New Testament texts] by Gert J. Steyn

H. Biographies and autobiographies

  1. Becoming by Michelle Obama
  2. Captain in the cauldron by John Smith
  3. Not without honour: Tribute to Beyers Naudé by Peter Randall
  4. I write what I like by Steve Biko
  5. Conversations with my sons and daughters by Mamphela Ramphele
  6. ‘ … and nothing but the truth’? by Deon Gouws
  7. Politically incorrect by Peter de Villiers
  8. 7 men by Eric Metaxas
  9. Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward
  10. The President’s Keepers: Those keeping Zuma in power and out of prison by Jacques Pauw
  11. My mother. Barack Obama. Donald Trump. And the angry white man by Kevin Powell

I. Fiction

  1. Jake’s choice by Jim & Rachel Britts

J. Health

  1. Beseer in Sy diens: God se genesing vir gelowiges wat seergekry het [Injured in His service: God’s healing for believers who got hurt] by Hennie Maartens
  2. Personality type and religious leadership by Roy M. Oswald & Otto Kroeger
  3. In die donker put [In the dark pit] by Johan Smith
  4. Competent to counsel by Jay E. Adams
  5. Depressie – simptome, oorsake en genesing [Depression – simptoms, causes and healing] by Frank Minirth & Paul Meier
  6. Healing for damaged emotions by David A. Seamands
  7. The Detox Manual by Suzannah Olivier
  8. Eat right for your type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo

K. Articles in the book “Vaste Rots op wie ek bou” [“Solid Rock on whom I build”] by Cas Vos and Dirk Human (editors)

  1. Proloog [Prologue] by Cas Vos
  2. Die reformatoriese kerklike landskap [The reformatory church-landscape] by Hennie Pieterse
  3. Die uitdagings van Bybellees [The challenges in reading the Bible] by Dirk Human
  4. “Op hierdie rots sal Ek my kerk bou” [“On this rock I will build my church”] by Conrad Wethmar
  5. Die lang pad van Skrifuitleg [The long road to understanding the Scriptures] by Jurie le Roux
  6. Tekste en hulle kontekste [Texts and their contexts] by Jurie le Roux
  7. Mitologiese taal: verduistering of verheldering? – Jona as illustrasie [Mithological language: eclipsing or brightening?] by Dirk Human
  8. Metaforiese vonke en mitologiese taal [Metaphorical sparks and mythological language] by Ernest van Eck
  9. Messiaanse tekste in die Ou Testament [Messianic texts in the Old Testament] by Alphonso Groenewald
  10. Messiaanse tekste in die Nuwe Testament [Messianic texts in the New Testament] by Gert Steyn
  11. Feesgedig [Festival poem] by NP van Wyk Louw
  12. Die maagdelike verwekking [The virgin begetting] by Ernest van Eck
  13. Kruiseling [Crossling {I’m not really sure how to translate this any better}] by Cas Vos
  14. Oor ons gekruisigde God, nakend en vol bloed About our crucified God, naked and full of blood] by Johanna de Lange
  15. “Christ of the burnt men” by Sheila Cussons
  16. Jesus-afdruk [Jesus-print] by I.L. de Villiers
  17. Versoening in die Ou Testament [Reconciliation in the Old Testament] by Pieter Venter
  18. Versoening in die Evangelies [Reconciliation in the gospels] by Hermie van Zyl
  19. Paulus en die Korintiërs: wantroue en versoening [Paul and the Corinthians: distrust and reconciliation] by Kobus Myburgh
  20. Opstanding [Resurrection] by Cas Vos
  21. Opstanding in die sinoptiese Evangelies [Resurrection in the synoptic Gospels] by Gert Steyn
  22. Opstanding in die Evangelie volgens Johannes [Resurrection in the Gospel according to John] by Dirk van der Merwe
  23. Opstanding by Paulus [Resurrection according to Paul] by Kobus Kok
  24. Opstanding in die apokaliptiek by Pieter Venter
  25. Opstanding en simboliek in die vroeg-Christelike kuns [Resurrection and symbolism in the early-Christian art] by Hennie Stander
  26. Redelike geloof? [Reasonable belief?] by Gerrit Brand
  27. Lex orandi, lex credenda [This is a Latin phrase: The law of prayer is the law of belief] by Vincent Brümmer
  28. “Soms mis ek God” … oor die kortsluiting tussen geloof en ervaring [“Sometimes I miss God” … regarding the short circuit between belief and experience] by Daniël Veldsman
  29. Oor hoe geloof my dra [Regarding how belief carries me] by Elna Mouton
  30. Epiloog [Epilogue] by Cas Vos

L. Politics

  1. How not to get shot. And other advice from white people by D.L. Hughley
  2. Afrikanerskap in Bybelse lig [Being Afrikaner in a Biblical light] by Prof J.L. Helberg
  3. Geestelike weerbaarheid teen ideologiese terrorisme [Spiritual resilience against ideological terrorism] by S.G. Roos

M. Romans-study

  1. Romans by David L. Bartlett
  2. Paul’s letter to the Romans: A commentary by Arland J. Hultgren
  3. Romans & the people of God by Sven K. Soderlund & N.T. Wright
  4. The letter to the Romans: Salvation as justice and the deconstruction of law by Herman C. Waetjen
  5. Reading Romans in context: Paul and second Temple Judaism by Ben C. Blackwell, John K. Goodrich & Jason Maston (editors)
  6. Paul’s new perspective: Charting a Soteriological journey by Garwood P. Anderson
  7. The Political Theology of Paul by Jacob Taubes

N. Hobbies

  1. The world encyclopedia of coffee: The definitive guide to coffee, from simple bean to irresistible beverage by Mary Banks, Christine McFadden and Catherine Atkinson
  2. Bonsai gardening secrets by Eric A. Olsen
  3. Advancing your photography: A handbook for creating photo’s you’ll love by Marc Silber
  4. Wit, Afrikaanse man [White, Afrikaans man] by Neels Jackson