Savings idea

Blog-a-day-June… Saturday, 9 June
I had an idea to save some money today.
I do not have a fixed job. I do not get a lot of money from the loose jobs that I do.
Here is my idea: Every time I drink a glass of cold drink (which I normally drink from a bottle or from my Soda Stream), I “pay” myself R5 a glass. When I drink coffee/tea/hot chocolate/something similar, I “pay” myself R3 a mug/cup. From those R5s and R3s, I should be able to save enough money for the next milk, coffee, sugar, cold drink bottles, Soda Stream refills, etc.. Some time in the future I could even save enough money for a new coffee machine or a new fridge.
Well, that is the idea. I will test this idea from today.

PE Friday

Blog-a-day-June… Friday, 8 June
I went to the school I went to on Monday again. For PE, again. It was different this time.
Friday PE is not hockey days. There are touchers or other types of sports being played. This day, they were to play some balancing games. They were to balance a tennis ball on a spoon, and walk across the playing field. That was the fun part.
The less than fun part, was that the classes were grade 1, 2, and 3 ages. A whole hour at a time.
I missed the grade R by a few minutes. They arrived minutes before the usual teacher arrived back from her exam. I was extremely glad when she returned!
I am really not good at working with young children, and I think I would be worse at trying to get 5/6 year olds to balance a tennis ball on a spoon!

Mugg & Bean

Blog-a-day-June… Thursday, 7 June
I went back to campus, in the hope that I can do some more work in the library. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed in. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to be allowed in yesterday either. Because I am not registered a student.
So I went to Mugg & Bean. In Brooklyn Mall. One of my favourite places when I stayed in Pretoria.
And, contrary to Mugg & Bean in Rustenburg, I connected to the wi-fi easily. I could not believe the ease in connecting!
I also returned home in the evening.


Blog-a-day-June… Wednesday, 6 June
I was at my research leader today. I still have some work, and about 10 pages of typing, left to do before I am finished.
I also found out that the R7500 that was paid into my student account, were paid into a student loans account. That payment have to be found before I can register as a student.
So I worked in the library for a while, and then headed back to Albert in the afternoon. I drove close by the same Wimpy where I sat yesterday. I stopped there and went there again for a while.
Albert and I were going to watch some school hockey, but the match was cancelled. I was actually disappointed by that.

Not-registration day

Blog-a-day-June… Tuesday, 5 June
I am still working on my research essay. That is the only part of my studies that needs to be finished.
I am in Pretoria today, tomorrow and Thursday.
Tomorrow I will see my research leader (or whatever he is called), to get ideas and thoughts on how to finish the essay.
Today I had to get registered. After paying R7500 into my student account, I was late to the offices of the personnel with whom I had to find out about the process. So I will be doing that tomorrow as well.
Before going to Albert, who have a bed extra while I visit Pretoria, I went to Wimpy. I sat there, accessing internet to go through my e-mails and other internet-based sites.
I’m now typing from the room in which I will sleep tonight. It is always an honour to stay at Albert. People who say that a true friend are the one you don’t need to hear from daily, but when you seem him/her you can continue conversation as though you saw him/her yesterday, might be right.

PE Monday

Blog-a-day-June… Monday, 4 June
I spent a part of my morning at a school. One of the hockey coaches at one of the schools in the area asked me to be the stand-in PE “teacher” while she writes exams. We play hockey during these periods.
The classes I had, where grade 6, 1, 2 and 3.
I realised one thing once again. I really struggle to work with kids younger than grade 6.

Extremely cold!

Blog-a-day-June… Sonday, 3 June
I think it was the coldest morning today thus far this year.
Every year, during the July/winter holidays, I go to a small Mpumalanga town called Kinross for an outreach. There it is cold almost 100% of the year. At least, it feels that way to me. I am from Rustenburg, where it is almost always warm or hot!
This morning, I compared the cold in Rustenburg to a “cool” April day in Kinross.
The outreach only starts in 3 weeks. I am afraid of the cold that is waiting for me if I am this cold already!