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Talking about prayer

2 August 2018
I spoke at a venue this morning. About prayer. And specifically about the model prayer, the Lord’s PrayerMatthew 6- 9-13 1 .
This prayer starts with “Our Father”.
I always try to have a little bit of a conversation with this particular crowd I was speaking to. In this conversation this morning, we learned that Jesus want to teach us that we are not only praying on our own behalf. We always pray for others’ as well.
I do believe that when we are serious about praying, we have to realise that prayer is a meeting-“event” with a God that wants to change us, even if the change is just a little bit of change. In ChristianitThe Lord's Prayer words 8y, according to me, we believe that God wants to transform us to become more like Jesus. Every time we meet God in prayer, He will challenge us to change a little, to become more like Jesus.
In relation to the Lord’s Prayer, it seems that every time we pray, there has to be a little bit of our words and actions that will be different, so that it will make a difference in our relationships with other people.
The challenge to me, after today, is this: How does my own actions and words change after I meet God in prayer?