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Spain vs Portugal

Blog-a-day-June… Friday, 15 June
I have to type this before going to bed. It is after 22:00. The best soccer/football match I have seen in a long time just finished.
Spain and Portugal, in 2018 FIFA World Cup, was a brilliant match.
Spain seemed the better team on the field for large parts of the match. The goals they scored were very good.
But Portugal had Ronaldo. He scored 3 goals. Every one of the goals pretty special in it’s own way.
Do yourself a favour, and read the reports at the following sites:

I enjoyed this match a lot.

Soccer World Cup kick-off

Blog-a-day-June… Thursday, 14 June
And there we have it! The first match of FIFA Soccer World Cup is done and dusted.
Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0. I must say, it was a little against my own expectation. I expected Saudi Arabia to win, or at most a 2-0 score if Russia were to win.
Tomorrow, I am looking forward to Portugal against Spain. My prediction? I believe the Spanish team is stronger than the #CR7-factor.

Countdown to World Cups

Blog-a-day-June… Monday, 11 June
I am an avid fan of hockey. Field hockey, not ice hockey. I also follow a little bit of football (or soccer, to some readers).
The FIFA World Cup, for soccer, starts on 14 June.
The World Cup for hockey, this time for women, starts on 21 July.
I really look forward to both of these World Cups.
I just read that the World Cup for Sevens Rugby for men starts at the end of July as well. I don’t know when the World Cup for Sevens for women will start, though. The World Cup for hockey for men starts in November.
There is something special about World Cups, I think. I don’t know what, exactly. Some say it is because it is the highest level for a sportsperson to achieve. I don’t know if this is the reason I find it so special. It might be.
In any case, I really look forward to all of these, and especially the Soccer World Cup, because it starts in a few days time.
How about you? Do you look forward to any of these, or any other World Cup that is scheduled for the next few days, weeks or months? Which one? Why? Who do you hope will win? Who will you bet on, if you had to bet something on a team/person? Why?


Blog-a-day-June… Sunday, 10 June
Today is Comrades Marathon-day. Google that!
My pastor ran the race. At about 60 km he couldn’t go on. Something went wrong with one of his feet. It was his 17th Comrades. He hoped to go for his 20th at the 10oth Comrades. I hope he doesn’t stop running Comrades. He is really an example in this.
I thought about whether I might be able to do Comrades in 2020. Tomorrow, I will start exercising for this. At least by walking about 2-4 km every day.

PE Friday

Blog-a-day-June… Friday, 8 June
I went to the school I went to on Monday again. For PE, again. It was different this time.
Friday PE is not hockey days. There are touchers or other types of sports being played. This day, they were to play some balancing games. They were to balance a tennis ball on a spoon, and walk across the playing field. That was the fun part.
The less than fun part, was that the classes were grade 1, 2, and 3 ages. A whole hour at a time.
I missed the grade R by a few minutes. They arrived minutes before the usual teacher arrived back from her exam. I was extremely glad when she returned!
I am really not good at working with young children, and I think I would be worse at trying to get 5/6 year olds to balance a tennis ball on a spoon!

PE Monday

Blog-a-day-June… Monday, 4 June
I spent a part of my morning at a school. One of the hockey coaches at one of the schools in the area asked me to be the stand-in PE “teacher” while she writes exams. We play hockey during these periods.
The classes I had, where grade 6, 1, 2 and 3.
I realised one thing once again. I really struggle to work with kids younger than grade 6.