Next 30 books…

Here are a list of the next 30 books that I would like to read. This is not an exact list, meaning that I might read book #11 before I read book #1. Also, I might be forced to read a book that is not on the list, due to some assignment that I have to do.

  1. Love Wins – Rob Bell
  2. Wie was Jesus regtig? – Francois Wessels
  3. Jerusalem’s Heart – Bodie & Brock Thoene
  4. Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster (This book will be on the list for a while, because I am doing a study on it)
  5. Contemplative Youth Ministry – Mark Yaconelli (This book will be on the list for a while, because I am doing a study on it)
  6. The Love Dare (This book will be on the list for a while, because I am doning a study on it)
  7. Blood types, Body types, and You – Joseph Christiano
  8. Jesus – ‘n Radikale Sprong – Stephan Joubert
  9. Out Live your Life – Max Lucado
  10. Static – Ron Martoia
  11. Tactics – Fred Stoker with Mike Yorkey
  12. Fokus op Strategiese Leierskap – Andy Stanley
  13. Architects of Poverty – Moeletsi Mbeki
  14. The Meaning of Friendship – Mark Vernon
  15. Everything must change – Brian D. McLaren
  16. The Forgotten Ways – Alan Hirsch
  17. When you need a miracle – Lloyd John Ogilvie
  18. In die Greep van Genade – Max Lucado
  19. God juig oor jou – Max Lucado
  20. Money, Sex and Power – Richard Foster
  21. Cupidity – Hayley & Michael DiMarco
  22. Prayers from the Heart – Richard Foster
  23. Star Trek Deep Space Nine #26: Rebels #3 – Daffyd ab Hugh
  24. Social Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
  25. Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
  26. Discover your Spiritual Type – Corinne Ware
  27. Just Walk Across the Room – Bill Hybels
  28. Faith to Faith – Dan Scott
  29. Pagan Christianity? – Frank Viola & George Barna
  30. Personality Type and Religious Leadership – Roy M. Oswald & Otto Kroeger
  31. Spiritual Wholeness for Clergy – Donald R. Hands and Wayne L. Fehr
  32. Jake’s Choice – Jim & Rachel Britts


(Okay, so here are 32 books… O, well…)

Books read in 2011…

Here are a list of some of the books that I have read in 2011. I didn’t keep my list updated throughout the year, and I forgot details like titles of some of the books that I have read.


  1. Net soos Jesus – Max Lucado
  2. Wanneer God jou naam fluister – Max Lucado
  3. In die Huis van my Vader – Max Lucado
  4. Where is God when it hurts? – Philip Yancey
  5. Star Trek: Insurrection – J.M. Dillard
  6. Long Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela
  7. Jim & Casper go to Church – Jim Henderson & Matt Casper
  8. Die NG Kerk en Apartheid – Johann Kinghorn e.a. (This book was for an assignment in one of the subjects that I had in the year)
  9. Star Trek Voyager #4: Violations – Susan Wright
  10. Tiferet Yisra’el: The Glory of Israel – Marzanne Leroux-Van der Boon
  11. Star Trek Next Generation: Last Words – A.C. Crispin
  12. Star Trek Next Generation: Bedside Matters – Greg Cox
  13. Star Trek Next Generation: On the Scent of Trouble – John Gregory Betancourt