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30 minutes with a famous person

7 August 2018
Name a famous person you would want to have a 30-minute conversation with. Dead or alive.
This is a more difficult question than I thought when I first heard it.
The thing is: I have a long list of famous people I would like to have a conversation with. Many of them I know I would like to chat much longer than just 30 minutes with. People like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, Retief Burger, Louis Brittz, Riana Nel, Michael W. Smith, Emma Watson, Kristen Kreuk and Denzel Washington (and this is not really the whole list).
I think a famous person I would love to have a conversation with, which will hopefully not be more than 30 minutes, is someone like Stephen Grootes. (If the conversation is longer than 30 minutes, it will only mean that I have to look for someone else with whom I can have a 30 minute conversation with.)
I am a rather huge fan of Stephen Grootes. He was at Talk Radio 702 for a very long time. He used to be a reporter, then became the host of the one-hour long Midday Report, and finally became a host of two three-hour long programs (first the morning drive show host and later the afternoon drive show host). He is now at one of the SABC stations, SAfm. He has a way of reporting on political stories that always sounds fair and balanced. He is one of the main reasons I like to follow our local politics. I once thought that if I could be so lucky to get onto radio or write political stories, it would be because of his inspiration. And it sounds like the guy also enjoy a good coffee.
There are other media personalities that I could also include in this list. People like Redi Thlabi, Adriaan Basson, Piet Croucamp (commentator, not reporter), Jan-Jan Joubert, Tim du Plessis, and so on.
Who would you want to have a 30-minute conversation with? He or she has to be famous. He or she may be dead or alive.