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Writing about coffee

As you might guess from my blog’s name, I enjoy coffee.

I like to drink alone, or with friends.

I like “normal” coffee, “average” coffee, and all kinds of new and strange coffees.

When I visit friends, and they ask me my choice between coffee or anything else, I ask “what type of coffee do you have?”. Sometimes I will say no to coffee, depending on the quality.

I prefer to take only milk with my coffee – again, that depends on the quality.


I want to start a new project. A project where I write about coffee.

The problem is this: I drink coffee and I know when I like coffee or not; I want to translate my coffee tasting experiences into words. I don’t know how to do this. I am not big with words. I want to learn how to describe my coffee experiences. I guess I could say I want to become a “coffee critic”.

And here is what I need from you, my loyal (or brand new) reader: Is there someone out there you can refer me to that could guide me in some way yo become a coffee critic? Maybe a blog or website that is dedicated to critiqueing (sorry about that spelling!) coffee?

Any help will be appreciated.