Spring cleaning, Part 1

It is the month of September. Springtime in South Africa.

Spring cleaning season.DSC_2920

I have been living in a, ummmm, flat, for a few years now. One that isn’t mine. One that was supposed to be a temporary living space for me.
The temporary nature of this living space meant to me that I never really went to the trouble to give places to a lot of things in “my” house.
That is why, as my photos show, my place are very untidy.
I want to use this month to give my things places in my home. And I might even throw a lot of things away and give other things away.
And so, the process started today.
I started, by sorting out my clothes in piles.

  • Clothes that I still wear; therefore, I will keep it.
  • Clothes that I don’t wear anymore, which I will give other people.
  • Clothes that I don’t wear anymore, which I will rather not give other people. It may be a personal thing for me, but I do believe that sometimes clothes should not be given away because of the quality of the clothes.
  • Clothes that I will keep but not necessarily wear. This is clothes that have some kind of sentimental value to me.

It was a good spring cleaning day, but I am glad that I gave myself the whole month of September for this clean-up task.