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What happened?

The last time I posted something was way back in August. Not even the middle of August. I started a project to write more: “Blog a day August“. Who remembers that?

I wrote something every day during that month. I just never posted it. I might just post it in the future. But not as part of a “blog a day” idea.

Today is Monday. An ideal day to start new ideas, new projects, new thoughts.
I want to clean up my blog a little. Any ideas what I can do? I recently changed the lay-out. Anything else?

I also have an Afrikaans blog site. If you understand Afrikaans, check that out as well. If you do not mind. And look at the Afrikaans post that are related to this post.

My first “developing entry”: Why I am not an “Afrikaner”…

I started a “developing entry” [if this phrase doesn’t exist, I’m creating it now, and since this is my blog, I am allowed to do it], on my Afrikaans blog. You are welcome to read it, by going to this link.


I know it will become a challenging blog. I might start something similar here in the future… But for now, it will remain on my Afrikaans blog only.

A Photo a day

One of my new year resolutions is to take more photo’s.

A few months I started a photograph-blog… As part of this new year resolution, I want to post an average of one photo per day…

It might be a photo that I took myself (most of the times that will be the case), or it might be a photo someone else took and which I liked a lot. If it is someone else’s photo, I will always do my best to give credit to that person (or at least mention where I found it).

The only requirement is that it has to be photo’s that I took this year, or that it is a photo that I saw this year…